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Wheels Canada: 800.663.6331

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Wheels Clipper USA: 800.678.2547

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Order Fulfillment Services

Flexible, responsive, scalable


Wheels order fulfillment solutions will manage all processes to meet your requirements. With a flexible and dynamic environment, we can adapt to a variety of product types, customer requirements and meet the demands of same day turnaround. This is achieved through a dedicated team of industry professionals with knowledge of specific customer requirements in multiple verticals.

Our fulfillment solutions support

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Direct to Store fulfillment (DTS)
  • Direct to Consumer programs (B2C)

Whether it’s a single shipment home delivery e-commerce fulfillment or a time definite new product launch to thousands of retail locations across Canada, Wheels’ fulfillment services team has the experience, knowledge and facilities to meet your regularly planned fulfillment or last minute customer driven needs.

Turn your fixed costs in to variable costs by leveraging our flexible and scalable platform that supports your short and long-term business needs.

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