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Terms and Conditions


Radiant Clipper US - Intermodal US Domestic & X-border

  1. All Currency is in US Dollars ($USD)
  2. All shipments must be within legal weight limits
  3. The above rate proposal is subject to Radiant Clipper's fuel surcharge unless specified by another fuel program
  4. Detention (with Power): When through no fault of IMC or its drayman, if the drayman, is delayed or detained at a place of loading or unloading with tractor and trailer, the following will apply:
    1. ​See Rate confirmation for origin and destination specific free time.
    2. Free time begins at the greater of the actual arrival time by the driver or the start of the appointment window issued to IMC.
    3. Charges per hour, after free time, will be $75.00 per hour and may be broken down into quarter hours

  5. ​​ Detention (without Power): To see Equipment Related Accessorial Charges please click here
  6. Driver Count: Per Occurrence
  7. Driver Loading: When requested to do so, the driver will perform loading or unloading of the unit. A minimum charge of $150 will apply and includes the first two hours of labor. After two hours, a charge of $ 75 per hour is applicable. There is no free time associated with driver labor.
  8. Driver Assist: When requested to do so, the driver will assist in loading or unloading. A charge of $ 75 per hour is applicable for driver labor.  There is no free time associated with driver labor.
  9. Equipment Ordered Not Used: When equipment is requested by Customer and provided by IMC and said shipment is cancelled by Customer on the same day that it was scheduled to be picked up, regardless of dispatch status and due to no fault of the IMC, a $200.00 flat fee will apply.
  10. Out of Route Miles: The cents per loaded mile rate to the final destination will be used to compute the excess mileage charge.
  11. Fuel Surcharge: A fuel surcharge may be added to shipments when applicable.  The fuel surcharge will be calculated based on the Department of Energy Fuel Index as published weekly, on Monday. The surcharge will be adjusted weekly, on Tuesday of each week based on the Department of Energy's average diesel fuel price value compared to the calculation table shown. If Monday is a recognized federal holiday, the index will be determined on Tuesday and effective on Wednesday.
  12. Hazardous Material Surcharge: Per Occurrence
  13. In Bond Charge: Per Occurrence
  14. Lumper Fees: When a lumper service is hired to load or unload the IMC's trailer, Customer will reimburse IMC for expenses incurred by IMC:
    1. Initial payment of this service is to be paid by the IMC
    2. Reimbursement amount will be limited to amount of expense incurred by the IMC.
    3. Receipt of payment for such services showing amount of expense incurred must be attached and submitted with IMC's freight invoice as support of charge in order for payment to be made on this item.​
  15. Overnight Layovers: If consignee or consignor requests IMC to remain overnight to pick up or deliver freight that could have been accomplished during normal business hours due to no fault of the IMC, a $200.00 charge for layover per day will apply.  Layover charges must be approved by Customer (in writing) to support such charges.  This charge is only valid when a driver is waiting while in possession of the trailer hauling the shipment.
  16. Overweight Tickets: If IMC receives notice from a drayman of a ticket from the Department of Transportation because a trailer/container is over the legal weight limit, Customer will reimburse IMC one hundred percent (100%) for any overweight ticket amounts and services required to reduce the shipment to within legal weight limits:
    1. Initial payment of this charge is to be paid by IMC
    2. IMC shall send copies of all supporting documents to Customer.
    3. This charge is to be added to the freight invoice as a separate line item.
    4. In cases which IMC needs to return to Customer to have its load reworked to allow for legal transportation, Customer will be responsible for the additional freight charges resulting from this.  These charges must be reported to and approved (in writing) from Customer.
  17. Railroad Storage: See Equipment Related Accessorial charges
  18. Reconsignment / Diversion: Shipments that are in possession of IMC may be re-consigned to a different delivery address subject to applicable charges per occurrence.
  19. Stops in Transit: Shipments may be stopped in transit to complete loading or for partial unloading subject to the following:
    1. ​The shipment must be covered by a master bill of lading naming a single Customer and origin and a final consignee and destination.
    2. The master bill of lading must show the points at which stops are to be made with a complete description of the kind and quantity of freight to be loaded or unloaded at each stop.
    3. No substitution or exchange of freight may be made at stop-off points.
    4. Additional charges for each stop to complete loading or for partial unloading, exclusive of stop at origin and final destination shall be $100.00 each for the 1st stop, $125 for the 2nd stop and $150.00 for the 3rd stops; Shipments beyond 3 stops will be addressed on a per occurrence basis.
    5. Additional stop off charges may apply if stop off locations are Out of Route

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