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Radiant Wheels Canada: 800.663.6331

Wheels MSM Canada: 800.667.4175


Radiant Clipper USA: 800.678.2547

Radiant: 800.214.1289

​​Terms and Conditions

Intermodal Canadian Domestic & X-border

  1. Domestic Canadian shipments are rated in Canadian Dollars ($CDN), all Cross Border and Domestic US shipments are in United States Dollars ($USD).
  2. The above rate proposal is subject to Wheels' fuel surcharge, Domestic (monthly) or US/Cross Border (weekly).
  3. Rates are subject to rate increases and surcharges as imposed by the underlying rail provider
  4. Rates are based on equipment availability
  5. Live load / live unload with 2 hours free, $75/hour USD thereafter in the US, and $65/hour CDN in Canada
  6. Shipper load & count
  7. Consignee unload & count.
  8. Pallet Exchange is not included in this rate proposal.
  9. Non-Hazardous commodities except where noted
  10. All shipments must be within the legal weight limits.
  11. Shipper is responsible for proper blocking and bracing in accordance with AAR accepted practices
  12. Rates are valid for 30 days from day of quotation unless otherwise noted
  13. Cargo coverage is limited to $2/lb or $100,000 per load whichever is less. Note: If additional insurance is required, please contact your sales rep. 
  14. Rates do not include taxes. E.g. Carbon Tax
  15. All loads must be sealed by the shipper for transit.
  16. A complete list of Intermodal Accessorial Charges can be viewed here. 


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