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​Terms and Conditions


​Over the Road Canadian Domestic & Cross-border REEFER Freight

  1. Truckload (TL) rates are based on a maximum gross weight of 42, 500 LBS
  2. A shipment greater than 5 skids or 10 000 LBS will be considered a TL shipment and the TL fuel surcharge will apply
  3. The TL rate includes 2 hours free time for loading and 2 hours free time for unloading
  4. Less than truckload (LTL) dry rates are based on 40"X48"X48" pallet dimensions and 1500 lbs. per stackable skid spot
  5. The LTL rate includes 1 hour free time for loading and 1 hour free time for unloading
  6. Rates do not include Radiant Wheels Fuel Surcharge or any applicable Accessorial Charges.
  7. All rates are based on dock to dock service unless otherwise specified
  8. Shipper is responsible for loading
  9. Consignee is responsible for unloading
  10. Freight is deemed to be Shipper Load and Count (SLC)
  11. Shipper must ensure proper blocking and bracing
  12. Carrier liability is $2.00 per LB to a maximum liability of the lesser of the shipment value or $100,000.00. Note: if required, additional insurance can be purchased. Please speak with your sales rep.
  13. Claims must be filed within 60 days from the date of freight delivery
  14. Claims of less than $50 will not be considered
  15.  Rates do not include: Customs Inspection charges; bond charges; driver assist charges; team service; shipping of dangerous goods; tailgate service or heated service. – applicable accessorial charges will apply
  16. For a complete list of accessorials, please click here
  17. Load bars/strap available if sufficient notice is given
  18. Rates are based on a minimum 24 hours' notice to secure equipment, not including statutory holidays and weekends
  19. Rates are in $CDN unless otherwise stated.
  20. Rates are based on availability and are valid for 30 days
  21. Payment due 30 days after day of pickup
  22. Radiant Wheels fuel will apply. Please click HERE

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