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​Case Studies: Consumer Goods

Managing Food Grade Retail Distribution - A Mix of Skill, Technology and Dedication

Managing Food Grade Retail Distribution - A Mix of Skill, Technology and Dedication

Handling food products properly is a complex mix of key regulations, exacting timing, total quality control and special skills that ensure each and every package is delivered safely, in pristine condition and of course, on time. Radiant Wheels is proud to work with a key food supplier to one of Canada's most iconic retail brands, ever.

Food products present interesting challenges, and weather/seasonality can play a role as even small changes in temperature can drive up the usage of some beverages. Radiant Wheels’ Just In Time inventory capabilities enables immediate product turnaround. Our food grade facilities can service both long-term and immediate turnarounds, from coast to coast. Our work starts in the USA, where we take control of this client’s products, moving them north to our Canadian facilities and then out directly to the Western and Central regions of the end user retailer.

This is an extremely high volume client, which means our in-house solutions must be high demand and high precision. Our sophisticated WMS (Warehouse Management System) notifies our team whether the shipments need to be moved out immediately through cross-docking, or streamed into inventory in our 3pl warehouse. Basically, we’re constantly creating a chain of inventory that successfully moves from the point of origin to our facilities throughout Canada and then to hundreds of retail franchisees.

Working closely with this great client over a number of years, Radiant Wheels has helped with streamlining their packaging, providing ongoing quality control of product integrity.

One of our other critical skill sets is integrating food/retail products into POP displays, which can then be shipped directly to the retail floor. Because each SKU is lot/serial number/expiry date controlled, our dedicated retail distribution team can expertly handle a variety of special projects like arranging skids into either smaller or larger floor-ready configurations - for example, from a skid lot to a case lot, or integrating skids into a ‘big box’ end of aisle display.

Creating and working with demanding timelines that our clients, and their consumers, require is one part of our commitment. We are constantly striving to meet expectations that change rapidly, working within the demanding food grade environment, and exceeding those standards and Quality Assurance for our clients. We always work toward anticipating and solving issues before they turn into real problems.


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